With the United Nations in the midst of compiling a new constitution for the ancient country of Yemen they called us to create a strategic communications blueprint. The objective being to develop a digital and communication strategy  to reach thousands of very different people in a meaningful way. It’s a challenging project—the official NDC delegation is over 500 people, split into nine groups discussing 13 key issues. Beyond that, it is integral to include everyday Yemeni citizens and interest groups, all of whom have a wide range of ideologies, perspectives and access to technology (in more rural parts of the country, initiatives include live, culturally relevant plays and songs). Also crucial are the funders, whose continued support of this monumental project relies on evidence that it is truly working. Each voice needs to be woven into the tapestry of the NDC dialogue.

What we did

  • Region Analysis
  • Communications Strategy
  • Digital Roadmapping
  • Technology Recommendations


This is an on-going project. With recent unrest in Yemen all United Nations envoys in and out of the country are currently on hold and we are conducting our work remotely from Toronto & New York.