How does one move beyond fear?  This is the question that the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) asked us to explore.  Through an interactive web experience, we created an infrastructure where individuals could express what they feared most about cancer.  A custom algorithm categorized entered fears and then correlated to CCS services that could help one realize that feelings were in fact universally shared (and actionable).

Designed as an empowering call to action with a digital backbone, it is a communal forum where Ontarians may feel, share and take action in the their own personal cancer journey.

What we did

  • Interactive Strategy
  • Data Strategy
  • Digital Creative Design
  • Website Development
  • Drupal Installation & Theming
  • Mobile Development


Partnerships with AIR MILES for Social Change and the Toronto Star have helped achieve over 16,000 cancer fears shared to date.  The project is still ongoing and as the database of fears grows, so does the Canadian Cancer Society’s ability to deepen their support, advocacy and research.  All in the larger effort to help those affected by cancer, journey from the darkness to the light.

Not being able to advocate for my disabled adult sons while in treatment.
— Fear 15,779