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Around the World, Bringing Storytelling to the Storytellers

Success is a fine balance. It requires fine-tuning minute details but also absorbing context and long-term goals.

The Woodbridge Company became one of the world's most powerful media entities by delivering on details, delivering exacting news and financial data via Thomson Reuters, the Globe and Mail and its many other worldwide properties. For decades, customers have relied on on Woodbridge for precise, up-to-the-minute information in the fast-paced spheres of global markets and breaking news. But having expanded to farflung locations all over the world, the company was finding it difficult to communicate the big picture to all of its thought leaders and shareholders in a broad, overarching manner.

In 2010, we were invited to help Woodbridge address this issue. We realized that there was no need for new stories—Woodbridge already produces original reporting, valuable financial information, and a vast treasure trove of gorgeous photography every day. What was needed was context. We wanted to transform these scattered bits and pieces into a compelling narrative that would captivate the imaginations of the thought leaders within the company, allowing them to learn from one another despite geographic distance or differences in disciplinary focus.

The result was W/, a fully interactive, quarterly online magazine that prioritizes the human stories behind the essential facts and figures. In the three years since the magazine's inception, users continue to increase the time they spend experiencing each issue, which is strong evidence of their true engagement and appreciation. This year, to make the most of the beautiful resources that go into the magazine, we'll be producing a bespoke print version to celebrate the many ways that stories can be told. Our fresh approach has allowed for greater collaboration between all properties in the company's portfolio, and new ways for ideas to emerge. As W/ continues to grow, its core goal will always be to assist these brilliant innovators to see both the forest, and the trees.